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Frequently Asked Questions

Q? Why are LIFESTYLE Events are so popular?


LIFESTYLE Events bring more excitement and spice to your live and relationship. Explore new horizons and adventures together.

Q? Who is attending Fever-Land Soirées?


Fever-Land Soirées are for couples and single ladies (no single men are allowed) who want to meet other relaxing and open minded people. Fever-Land is for people who are interested in THE LIFESTYLE and for people in THE LIFESTYLE.

Q? What kind of Soirées are offered?


Fever-Land provides modern, stylish and exclusive events for LIFESTYLE people and those who are interested in THE LIFESYLE. Only couples and single ladies can join (no single men are allowed). The Soirées provide fantasies, dreams and entertainment. All participants are requested to dress sexy and elegant and according to the respective motto of the Soirée.

Fever-Land offers two types of Soirées:

Q? What do we have to expect?


You will experience an evening of joy, fun and entertainment and erotic and spicy atmosphere. You will meet other relaxing and open-minded people.

Everyone is treated with utmost respect. Everything is possible - nothing obligatory !  A NO means definitely a NO!

Q? Where do the Soirées take place?


The Soirées take place in well selected, stylish and modern locations within Vienna. After registration to the Soirée you will be informed about the respective location.

Q? Will THE LIFESTYLE risk our relationship?


Our experiences and the all people we met agree that participation in THE LIFESTYLE will harden and deepen your relationship. The common experience you share tighten your relationship. Most important precondition is that you have a healthy and open relationship full of trust and respect for each other. In any case talk upfront about your desires, wishes and dreams openly.



THE LIFESTYLE describes a unique concept of living.